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ACJ van Hoek Artists

Bijgewerkt op: 3 aug. 2020

My company is about artists and about Pop Art, the idea that Pop Art changes the world, and I am a singer, model, writer and have studied American Studies about the history of America, Pop Art and also Politics. I'd like to combine Arts and Politics and show my ideas how this world can change through the combination of those two themes.

I believe the Arts are a way to freedom and that the publication of ideas can be opening people's way to happiness and succes. The idea of music and modelling is to be the identity that one can look up to and to inspire.

I'm also writing the book How Pop Art is Changing the World and getting into the ideas of critical theories, of feminism, race theory and class. These minorities are always moving up through the arts, and that is the theme around my career and my company.

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